German Shepherd Puppies

 We are hoping to have a litter shortly - Details will be shown here when available.

All will have experienced many things

They have experienced various floor textures- indoors and outside living, carpet, vetbed, straw, cushions, concrete, gravel, grass, stone pebbles, water pool, sandpit, dirt/soil. Also the Vets practice.

They have experienced various apparatus- different types of balls from children's toy/tennis/football, children's cuddly toys and rattle ones, dog toys, raised beds, cardboard boxes, party poppers, plastic bottles, loud machinery, engines, vehicle travel, shooting, sneezing, many other noises. Also seen sheep, poultry and birds. Experienced weather.

They have experienced various ethnic, cultural and ability people of different ages and appearances, children, wheelchair, walking sticks, along with loud and quiet people, including being handled by strangers, the vet.

Please contact us for further details.

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